Why Ccara Llamas?

Ccara Llamas are bred for mountain packing. They are sometimes equated with the “Classical” breed of llama, but it depends on how you define the terms.  Not all llamas are bred for the same purpose, but these are bred for characteristics that support working on the trail.

Below is a list of some of the basic attributes of Ccara Llamas. For a more detailed list and explanation, see Wes Holmquist’s article here.

This is one year old Aspen, who is a fine example of a young Ccara Llama

Basic Physical Attributes of a Ccara Llama are:

  1. Double Coat of wool (Fine fiber underneath a coarse top coat.  Top coat keeps the llama cool in the heat and the fine fiber keeps the llama warm in the winter.)
  2. Light wool on the neck and head, which keeps the llama cool during work.
  3. At least 43″ at the withers and legs longer than depth of body.  Generally, they should be tall, but what is most important is the length of the legs in proportion to the body.
  4. Well muscled chest and forelegs.    Llamas should be able to pack up to 1/3rd of their body weight for about 10 miles per day.  They need to be strong.
  5. Sleak Athleticism.  As Wes says, “they should look more like basketball players rather than football players.”  Size does not necessarily mean they are better or stronger.  The llama needs to have a balance of strength, endurance, and agility.  As the llama works on the trail they need to negotiate downed trees, cross bridges and streams, traverse rocky terrain, etc.

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